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The Zettl Family**** Hotel-SPA- Der Eisvogel

There is much to say about the "wild hill" of "Holledau", as the Hallertau area is known locally; about hop growing, local traditions and, of course, the beer. The scenery is like a picture postcard; particularly in summer as your eyes wander over the extensive hop gardens, dotted with fields of yellow rape. In the new spa area you can enjoy a unique range of pampering and wellness offers: treatments typical of the region with hops and goats milk, as well as Bad Gögging's natural remedies of mud and sulphur.

Karl Zettl Seniorchef des Familienunternehmens

The areas along the Danube are very varied: from powerful river currents to dreamy oxbow lakes - and then the enchanting Weltenburg Narrows. A landscape crying out to be painted with its steep rocky cliffs on which castles perch, forested hills, meadows, lowland forests ...

Natural spectacles that provide the framework for the landscape. Wolnzach and Mainburg are the centres of global hop growing, the Roman bathing culture of Bad Gögging, the Altmühl Valley with its palaces and castles and of course the many breweries (as beer is almost brewed everywhere here). Experience among other things how hops are made into beer on a guided tour through the “Zum Kuchlbauer” brewery in Abensberg.

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