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Award-winning fine Bavarian cuisine in Bad Gögging

Every 3 years, the EISVOGEL puts itself in front of the "Outstanding Bavarian Cuisine" examination panel for classification.
Restaurateurs are subject to the critical eye and fine nose of the examiner in 4 different categories:
only those who score in all areas are classified with 1, 2 or 3 diamonds. The EISVOGEL scored top in all areas and was awarded 3 Diamonds.


The four categories for classification:

  • PRODUCT QUALITY (product origins, range of food and drinks, sensors, taste)

  • SERVICE QUALITY (service, menu design)

  • FRONT OF HOUSE (restaurant areas, surroundings, overall appearance, decoration)

  • BEHIND THE SCENES (hygiene, cleanliness, storage, administration)


"Outstanding Bavarian Cuisine"

The classification "Outstanding Bavarian Cuisine" replaces the "Bavarian Cuisine" competition

The basic idea behind this competition is to preserve and nurture Bavarian pub culture.

The criteria are strict and, in addition to typical Bavarian things including units of measure, ambience, menu and the range of regional food and drinks, great importance is placed on hygiene and cleanliness.

Gasthof Eisvogel has taken part in this competition every time since 1987 to see how it stands, and where it could be or needs to be even better.

3x Regional Winner

Gasthof Eisvogel has been Regional Winner 3 times and in 2001 was also Lower Bavaria Winner.

For the "Eisvogel" it is always a challenge. At the very first classification in 2014, we were already awarded 3 Diamonds (highest award).

For the recertification in 2017 we received the highest award of 3 Diamonds once again.

Regional. Seasonal. Original.

The quality seal for typical Bavarian gastronomy

Under this motto, restaurateurs are proud to carry the title "Excellent Bavarian Cuisine".

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