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Comfortable public rooms

Our many rooms, conference rooms and banquet hall offer space and the right atmosphere for every celebration.

Experience and enjoy the Bavarian cosiness in our inn with its diverse, rustic and cozy dining rooms.
Tradition has been practiced there for many decades.

Spoil yourself with original Bavarian specialties and delicacies, a fine selection of wines and local beer.

Scroll table
Abens Room
Seating for 15/meeting
God’s Corner
Seating for 4
Old Mill Room
Seating for 14/meeting
(seating for 30/meeting when combined with the Isar Room)
Hotel banquet hall
for receptions
Old Kitchen
Seating for 30
Ilm Room
Seating for 7 for smaller discussions
Eisvogel Bar
Seating for 30
Isar Room
Seating for 14
seating for 30/meeting when combined with the Old Mill Room
Old Tavern
Seating for 20
Stove Room
Seating for 10
Bavaria Room/Banquet hall
seating for 120
Seating for 70
Danube Room
Seating for 120
Swiss Pine Room
Seating for 17
Seating for 20
On sunnier days:
Terrace/bee garden

seating for 140
Oriel room
Seating for 16
Grias room
Seating for 55
Guest Room
Seating for 22

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