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HopfenWell & Regional Spa Treatments

Spa treatments with hops in the EISVOGEL SPA at **** Hotel-SPA-Gasthof - Der Eisvogel

Hops - the gold of the Hallertau - are the focus in the EISVOGEL SPA

Hallertau hops are used worldwide in brewing beer of course: but their healthy properties and effects are being increasingly recognised too.

You can read about the effects of hops below.

HopfenWell - Exclusive spa treatments with hops

At the EISVOGEL SPA, we focus on locally grown hops. We offer you special spa treatments that you will only find here at Eisvogel: from relaxing hop baths, hop massage to exclusive treatment rituals.

Look for this symbol:

Sulphur & Mud - The Bad Gögging Natural Remedies

Your personal programme to maintain your health - therapeutic natural products from Bad Gögging and an experienced team of therapists make an effective contribution to this. The concept developed by us - with the six EISVOGEL "pillars" - links the key elements together.

Special regional spa treatments carry the logo:

The beneficial effects of hops


  • … help with lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety and inner restlessness or panics
  • ... help with rheumatism, painful joints and inflammation
  • ... relax and calm migraines and exhaustion
  • ... improve digestion and promote blood circulation
  • ... strengthen the cardiovascular system and the functioning of the bladder
  • ... contain phytohormones, which are very similar to oestrogen. They restore the body’s hormone balance, alleviating menopausal complaints.
  • ... Phytohormones also help to stimulate the skin, at the same time firming it (for instance areas of cellulite).
  • ... help to destroy bacteria with their special bitter ingredients
  • ... and have always been used on poorly healing wounds and inflammation of the skin.

HopfenWell - Signature Treatments

Hop Pressure Massage

50 min.

75,- €

HopfenWell pure – the wonderful aroma from this pressure massage gives you the feeling of being in the middle of a hop field. The essential oils have a relaxing and calming effect. The phytohormones found in hops stimulate collagen production, tighten the skin and stimulate the blood flow.

We only offer this massage from September to December using hops from the current harvest!

Hop Oil Massage (Back)

20 min.

35,- €

The gold of Hallertau extracted to make a high-quality massage oil – a special feature of the EISVOGEL SPA.

The positive properties of hops – relaxing, balancing, stimulating the circulation and tightening the skin – are most effective with this oil massage.

Hop Oil Massage (Full Body)

50 min.

63,- €

The gold of Hallertau extracted to make high-quality massage oil – a special feature of the EISVOGEL SPA.

The positive properties of hops – relaxing, balancing, stimulating the circulation and tightening the skin – are most effective with this oil massage.

Hop Flower Bath

20 min.

42,- €

Freshly dried hop flowers and pure hop oil provide a nourishing and very relaxing bathing experience. The essential oils and the highly effective substances in hops strengthen the heart & improve circulation. They also have a balancing effect.

Hop Oil Bath

20 min.

33,- €

With pure hop oil

The calming properties of hops are particularly effective in an oil bath, helping with insomnia, nervousness and inner anxiety. It also alleviates rheumatism, and pain and inflammation of the joints.

Hallertau Hop Pack

30 min.

39,- €

Authenticity in the land of hops

This pack with dried hops cleanses the skin and blood, is a diuretic and has a soothing effect

Hallertau Hop Cream Pack

30 min.

39,- €

Relaxing and nourishing

Pack with hop oil and a rich cream

Hallertau Hop & Honey Cream Pack

30 min.

42,- €

Relaxing and nourishing, sanitising

Pack with hop oil, fresh honey, propolis and a rich cream

Hop-Salt Skin Peel

30 min.

37,- €

Hop flowers, pure hop oil and sea salt are the wonderful mixture of ingredients for your HopfenWell skin peel. The benefit of hops in stimulating the circulation and tightening the skin are of greatest effect here.

Hopfa-Zupfa Calf Massage

20 min.

20,- €

Hop-oil foot bath combined with a sports massage of the calves - just the thing after a cycle tour or sports activity

Sulphur & Mud

Natural Sulphur Bath

20 Min.

29,- €

Sulphur water is analgesic and anti-inflammatory with rheumatism and arthritis, at the same time as relaxing the body and promoting blood circulation. The restful sulphur bath is also an alternative to the medical treatment of allergies and skin irritations. The effects of a 20-minute bath at approx. 36°C is often feld already after the second treatment.

Bad Gögging Mud Pack

30 Min.

33,- €

Anti-inflammatory and activating the metabolism

A traditional but extremely effective heart therapy. Due to its high level of thermal retention, the mud pack releases is heat slowly and evenly to the body, reaching deep-lying organs and muscles. The heat of the mud applied to the back or joints helps to ease tense muscles and promote mobility. The humic acids in the mud also have an soothing effect.

Mud Compress Massage

50 Min.

75,- €

A mud compress massage is a wonderfully relaxing and deep-acting treatment:

  • Relieves tension and relaxes muscles
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Strengthens the energy flow
  • Relaxes and creates a deep feeling of well-being

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