From the 08th of February to the 13th of February 
Nonsensical Thursday from 7:00 pm Bayerisches Wirtshausmusik Maschkara "are warmly welcomed and greeted with a schnapps. 
Ruassiger Friday Dance and mood in the spa hotel Kaiser Trajan with Lucki 
Schmalziger Saturday from 19:00 h Bavarian Wirtshausmusik
from 19.00 o'clock carnival ball of the FFW Sittling
Mood with DJ in the EISVOGEL BAR
Carnival Sunday EISVOGEL Carnival Lunch and Dinner
Green Monday from 19:00 h Bavarian Wirtshausmusik 
Shrove Tuesday from 19:00 o'clock traditional "Ochsenaugen" 
and carnival end with Bayer. Wirtshausmusik