Pain Therapy

Tension headaches  


Do you experience knocking and hammering in your head? If you can’t deal with it - we’ll help you to move away from the pain under medical supervision and under specific instructions with effective exercises.

  • Initial consultation with medical history, chirotherapy and osteopathy

  • 6 massages of the cervical spin or thoracic spine
  • 3 hop packs
  • 3 hop baths
  • 3 “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” instructions
  • 2 instructions for exercises
  • Additional recommendations for the week:
  • Participation in the weekly programme under doctor’s instructions
  • Final examination
  • Recommendations for home or doctor’s letter for ongoing treatment by a doctor or GP
  •  Jacobsen’s “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” CD to use at home

Package price (excluding accommodation) ... € 569.00

Painful Diseases ... 


Pain is one of the oldest symptoms for which man has sought treatment. You don’t simply have to put up with many painful conditions, as there is literally a herb or another alternative treatment approach for many. We can help particularly with headaches, migraine, painful diseases of the spine, joints, hips and knees.

Dr. René Vogelsang would be pleased to produce a personal treatment plan for you. At the same time, you can enjoy a stay at the EISVOGEL HOTEL & SPA.


Cosmetic Medicine - Dr. René Vogelsang 


We can offer specific treatments for your specific problem areas and requests.

  • Line treatment with botox A on the forehead, wrinkles, eyebrow lifting,
  • eye lines, crows feet, nose wrinkles
  • Migraine treatment
  • Line treatment with hyaluronic acid in nasolabial folds, mouth wrinkles, upper lip lines, marionette creases, pipe volume, lifting the corners of he mouth, neckline creases
  • Remove of spider veins - varicose veins: sclerotisation-atrophication of varicose, superficial veins on the legs

Please arrange a phone consultation with

Dr. René Vogelsang

Consultation and contact:

Mobile: 00 49 (0)151 - 14193364

EISVOGEL SPA: 00 49 (0)9445 - 969448

Health Expertise

Take advantage of our health expertise ... 


Your health is very important to us - because you only have one body! You can ‘redeem’ your prescriptions for body massage (touch therapy), lymphatic drainage, sulphur baths and fango packs at the EISVOGEL SPA. We will settle up directly with your health insurance provider.

The Kaiser Trajan Fachklinik for Orthopaedics, Metabolic Diseases and Psychosomatic Illnesses and the Römerbad Clinics (, which specialise in orthopaedic rehabilitations, are all family-owned.