Herzlich Willkommen im EISVOGEL SPA

A warm welcome to the EISVOGEL SPA

Our great passion is to be your host – especially in the EISVOGEL SPA

A SPA concept is consistently implemented here: a successful combination of lifestyle and tradition, with Bavarian hop-based wellness treatments and spacious relaxation areas – a truly unique experience. We have put together packages for those special ‘feel-good’ moments that can be booked in addition to your hotel accommodation or DAY SPA rate.

Naturally you can also arrange beauty treatments, massage and individual treatments in the EISVOGEL SPA even if your are not a hotel guest. Simply call us on +49 (0)9445 - 96 94 48

Together with the other members of the “EISVOGEL family”, we’ll do everything possible to ensure that you feel more than just good. We want to provide you with a feeling of home so that you can really enjoy your leisure time and recharge your batteries for everyday life back home.

Honest, genuine, comfortably, family-orientated and homely – these are the claims that the EISVOGEL makes, especially about the new EISVOGEL SPA:

    SPA experience over 1,600 sqm

    Two floors with 15 treatment rooms including two SPA suites for couples’ SPA time

    Large Pool Suite with indoor pool and sauna suite (infra-red sauna, Finnish sauna, brine steam room).

Experienced and highly qualified masseurs and professional beauty therapists, supported by our doctor René Vogelsang, help to ensure that every treatment has a lasting effect. The following pages of our SPA ‘menu’ provide an overview of our range of services: allow us to tempt your taste buds and awaken your curiosity.

Did you know: You can redeem your prescriptions for body massage (touch therapy), lymph drainage and fango packs at the EISVOGEL SPA. We will settle up directly with your health insurance fund. Open bath treatments are also possible including sulphur baths and mud baths.

A warm welcome to the EISVOGEL SPA!

The Zettl and Feldmann families

An invitation to be happy


The new EISVOGEL is a relaxation hotel. Whether you want to enjoy a weekend or a few days vacation – we’ll provide precisely what you need. By this we mean more that just peace and quiet – more a feeling that you can decide yourself how you wish to spend your time – walk, don’t race, linger awhile and look around you instead of rushing. The six pillars of the EISVOGEL concept provide the basis for this:

Health • Enjoyment • Balance • Leisureliness • Activity • Comfort

As they say in Lower Bavaria:

“G’sund bleib’n und’n G’nuss ned vergess’n, des is isi, aber ois ganz g’mach. Des richtige Gleichg’wicht find’n, sog i scho lang, aber ois ganz g’mach oda a moi g’schaftig – pack mas gmiatlich o!“ loosely translated as “Don’t forget to stay healthy and enjoy life but do so in a leisurely way. Find the right balance, with a little relaxation and a little activity – but do so in a comfortable way!”